We are a non-profit organisation founded by Clayton Cross after an eye-opening visit to the House of Hope orphanage in Uganda as a volunteer aid worker. Inspired by the resilience and courage of the children he encountered.

Headquartered in Mukono Town

If you have a window of 2 to 12 weeks to spare, School of Hope, an organization associated with The Real Uganda, offers volunteer opportunities with locally-led initiatives based in south central Uganda.

Our partner organizations focus on various areas such as primary education, community empowerment, public health services, and modern agriculture techniques within their own communities. By supporting these initiatives, we strive to make a tangible difference in the lives of real people, enhancing their well-being according to their own aspirations and needs.

The School of Hope is headquartered in Mukono Town, the capital of Mukono District, situated along the Kampala-Jinja highway approximately 20km east of Kampala.

One of Our Volunteer Story


“I really enjoyed my experience at School of Hope. I have never seen poverty before and there is a difference between knowing about poverty and living in poverty!! It's one thing to see it and go back to your hotel room with ensuite and hot showers and fine dining and then live in it with no electricity, no hot water and a bowl of rice and beans to eat. That’s when you realise the difference. I feel privileged to have been there and hope the children continue to benefit from School of Hope’s dedication to them.”

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work alongside village-based organizations

Mukono, with a population of over 60,000, offers a vibrant urban setting with notable features such as a prominent university, a variety of restaurants and social establishments, supermarkets, as well as a comfortable hotel equipped with a swimming pool and gardens.

When it comes to accessibility, Mukono is conveniently connected to all our volunteer placements through public transportation. Traveling to either Kampala or Jinja, which are excellent destinations for specialized services and weekend leisure, usually takes around 60 minutes.

Our volunteers have the opportunity to live and work alongside village-based organizations and schools in Mukono, Buikwe, and Kayunga Districts. Regardless of your specific placement, Mukono Town will serve as a central hub for essential services and a meeting point for fellow volunteers.

Why Volunteer in Uganda?

Volunteering in Uganda offers a unique opportunity to make a lasting impact while engaging in cultural exchange and fostering personal growth. By volunteering in Uganda, you become part of a larger mission to create positive change and empower communities, while also enriching your own life through the transformative experience of volunteering abroad.

Complement Local Staff

As an international volunteer, you play a vital role in complementing the efforts of local staff. Your presence brings fresh ideas, enthusiasm, and a different perspective, contributing to the overall development of children, youth, and adults in the communities we serve.

Empowerment and Collaboration

Imagine being in an environment where people have limited opportunities to work together or lack belief in their ability to achieve positive change. By volunteering, you help cultivate a sense of self-worth and confidence within our communities, fostering empowerment and collaboration.

Knowledge Sharing

Your expertise and knowledge in areas such as conservation, hygiene, nutrition, income generation, and early childhood development are highly valued. Sharing current information and best practices contributes to the growth and development of local initiatives.

Warm Hospitality

Ugandans are renowned for their warm hospitality and genuine enthusiasm for working with international volunteers. Embracing the principles of group solidarity, team building, and shared leadership, you will form meaningful connections with locals and experience the true spirit of Ugandan culture.

Personal Benefits

Volunteering in Uganda is not just about giving back; it also offers personal rewards. You have the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals from all over the world, immerse yourself in diverse cultures, and learn new ways of doing things. It’s a chance to take a meaningful and adventure-filled break from your everyday life.

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