Welcome to the School of Hope!

Our non-profit organization was established following a transformative visit to the House of Hope orphanage in Uganda by our founder, who was serving as an aid worker. Struck by the bravery and resilience of the children he met, our founder was inspired to establish a brighter future for them and their community. The primary goal of our organization is to create educational pathways for these children, giving them the tools and opportunities they need for a chance to thrive.

About the School of Hope

Welcome to the School of Hope! Our non-profit organization was established following an inspiring journey to the House of Hope orphanage in Uganda by our founder. Touched by the resilience and bravery of the children, we committed ourselves to forge a brighter future for these youngsters and their community.

Our mission is to deliver education and a support system for the disadvantaged and vulnerable children in Uganda. We believe our initiative will empower them to secure stable employment and establish a solid foundation for their future.

We are proud to advise that all funds donated to our organization, apart from our on-the-ground Ugandan representative’s costs and bank fees, directly benefit the Ugandan children. For every $100 donated, more than 88% is allocated directly towards improving the lives of the children. 10% is used to support our Ugandan representatives on the ground, while the other small amount covers bank transaction fees. All staff travel and related costs are funded separately and do not utilise the charity’s resources.

Our Goal is to Provide a Holistic Education and Support System for Needy and Vulnerable Children in Uganda.

Educate vulnerable children

Our goals are to Educate children to ensure they can have a better life, gain employment and a sense of purpose in life.

Enhance Community Engagement

To elevate the quality of life in our community, focusing on youth development and engagement through sports and educational initiatives.

Empower Young people

Empower young people through education and life skills to achieve their dreams and become valued members of their community.

One of Our Volunteer Story


“I really enjoyed my experience at School of Hope. I have never seen poverty before and there is a difference between knowing about poverty and living in poverty!! It’s one thing to see it and go back to your hotel room with ensuite and hot showers and fine dining and then live in it with no electricity, no hot water and a bowl of rice and beans to eat. That’s when you realise the difference. I feel privileged to have been there and hope the children continue to benefit from School of Hope’s dedication to them.”

- A Volunter - School of Hope

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Sponsoring a child will make a real difference.

For only $45 per month ( less than the cost of your daily coffee) you can sponsor a child and really make a difference to their life.

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