Events & Trips

February 2022

Our first theme park day. Our team filled a bus and took group of children from the soccer academy to ride roller coasters, and swim in the wave pool. All of them had never done this before. It was an extremely fun day

November 2023

We hosted a theme park day. Our team took a school on an hour drive to a fun zone. The children played on jumpy castles and swam in the pools. There was also a hosted dancing contest with all the children.

Separately we hosted an end-of-school party for the Primary 7 children that have just finished exams. This included providing food (KFC), drink, music and entertainment.

December 2023

One of our volunteers hosted a soccer day for all children interested. We booked a sought-after soccer pitch. Many of the children have never seen artificial turf. We ran competitions all day, and provided lunch and soft drinks. As well as prizes for the winning teams.

April 2024

In early April, hosted a 7-day holiday training camp that would focus on teaching girls how to make reusable sanitary pads. This program included first aid training.

With help from BACOP, we hosted teams to participate in the U10, U13, and U15 regional championships, showcasing their talents and hard work. The teams all WON!

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